Study the physical and chemical properties of sewage in the volcanic

ibtesam J. abd

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-11

Water is one of the most important natural sources on the surface of the globe and its misuse can turn it into a source of environmental pollution. It must be given attention. One of the most important ways to protect the aquatic environment and protect it from pollution is to treat contaminated water in all its forms and forms. Sewage water is one of the types of polluted water resulting from human activities. The water environment is important in the human health aspect, and the special attention given by the ministries and departments concerned in this regard has highlighted some physical and chemical properties in which the characteristic physical and chemical properties In the Kufa area for three months from 1 April to 1 July 2011, such as PH value and Electrical Conductivity (EC). The ratio of total soluble salts (TDS) and total suspended solids (TSS) Chemical need for COD, biological need for DO, chlorides, nitrates, oils, grease, temperature and phosphate ratio.
The results of the pH of the wastewater for the station were evaluated before and after the treatment. It was noticed that the oxidized water has a pH number of 7.3 and its conductivity ranged from (3512-460) us / cm and the increase was due to the percentage of soluble salts in water. (17560 to 262000) mg / l.
 (TSS) ranged from 3700 to 15,600 mg / L and the required chemical oxygen content between 45 to 600 mg / L and the required biochemical oxygen content. (0.48 to 7.2 mg / L) and the chloride ratio (289.9 to 424.5 mg / L) and nitrates were between 7.7 to 41 mg / L.
The percentage of fat and grease content in wastewater was between 1.6 to 61.8 mg / L when compared to the normal ratio of water in the treated water (0-10 mg / L). Temperatures ranged from 18.9 to 29.7), the ratio of phosphate ranged from 0.4 to 6.2 mg / l.

Study of the relationship between otratoxin A and renal failure

sami A. Alreza; Haider Alattar; basaad Abd zaid

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 41-44

This study aimed to investigated levels Ochratoxin A in blood of renal failure patients in Karbala province and comparative with these level in blood of control(persons not infection )as well as ability to existence of correlation between Ochratoxin A and renal failure disease .Result of chemical analysis of blood samples which taken from 76 patients infected with renal failure disease appearance being OTA in 11 (14.4%) sample with high levels (0.2 -6 mg / ml ) while there is not detection of OTA in blood of control group (90 person ) excepted only one person(female) ,to part with significant between these two groups . Also there is positive correlation (r+ )between OTA existence and renal failure . The result showed that females infected with renal failure more sensitive to OTA than males ,the rate get to 50% .And the other side the result illustrated that age group (51-70)year was more sensitive to OTA compare with other groups ,the rate of persons that bearing of OTA reached to 60% .

Assessment The effect of some bio-control agents and Topsen-M in the controlling Root- rot disease on Petunia plants

Fadhal Al- Fadhal; Muntadher Muhsin Kadhim Aljanab

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 374-385

This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of two bacterial(Bacillus subtilisand Pseudomonas fluorescens) and one Fungus(Trichoderma harzianum) as bio -control agents and Topsin – M fungicidein controlling root- rot disease of petunia plants caused byRhizoctonia solani in thegreenhouse.
Conditions . the results of a pots experiment showed that both fungal and bacterial bio- control agents and all bio-agents andTopsin – Mtreatments enhanced the percentage of seed germination which reached 100 %compared with control treated ) 0.0 % (. They also reduced the con contraction of R. solani in the plant roots increased some of growth parameters such as plant content of chlorophyll .