Spectroscopic study on the drug compound l-Ascorbic Acid link with the reduced oxidant potassium permanganate

alla Abady

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 0-0

In this study The Ultraviolet spectrum proved There Was a linked between pharmacological l-Ascorbic Acid compounds and potassium permanganate ,which refers to a process of oxidation and reduction between
articles through shift the wavelength of the absorption of most of the compound
pharmacological l-Ascorbic Acid (319 _ 211)nm of (l-Ascorbic Acid- potassium permanganate), as is indicated by measurements of spectral UV, It was equal to (3200) L*Mol* C-1 while it was for l-Ascorbic Acid and potassium permanganate alone is equal to ( 13590 ), ( 6120) L*Mol* C-1 U.V.spectra , was approved that there was linked by decrease of molar extinction coefficient values for the Mixture components (potassium permanganate - l-Ascorbic Acid( that equals to (3200) L*mol-1*Cm-1 ,Whereas record to,( l-Ascorbic Acid and potassium permanganate)) 13590)( (6120 L*Mol* C-1 respectively ,The Optimum concentration (10-5,10-4) M for (l-Ascorbic Acid & potassium permanganate, was record respectively QuantitativeChemical Analysis. Pg. 408-409. New York: W.H. Freeman and Company

Study of the Hormonal Reproductive exchenges associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in women of reproductive age in Najaf city

noraas nory; sanaa Abadi

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 0-0

There is interaction among hypothalamus gland, pituitary gland and ovary system in regulation of metabolic and reproductive function, this achieved by balance between hormonal stimulation and withdrawal of other hormone by feed back mechanism, any changes in this hormonal balance lead to reproductive diseases such as risk of PCOS in women of reproductive age.
Infertility, acne, hirsutism, obesity and galactorrhea are more common clinical symbiosis of PCOS, this study include measurement of level concentration of Gonadotrophine hormones which is (LH, FSH, progesterone and estrogen) to the patient's women with PCOS and comparing with normal control. The results of this study referred to elevation of LH and FSH concentration, with lowered estrogen and progesterone concentration and this referes to ovarian failure in the reproductive function currenitly of patients with PCOS.
The result showed that there is a significant increase (p<0.05) in level LH in patients with PCOS as compared with control group. While no significant differences (p>o.05) in level FSH but the result prove that a significant decrease (p<0.05) of levels of progesterone and estrogen in patients with PCOS in comparing with normal control and this study showed increased in patients women weight with PCOS compared with normal women weight .

Assess the efficiency of many Alskreid capsular extracted from the bacteria Proteus vulgaris in stimulating the immune system and as an antidote Maekerobe

nofel husain; nebras yehia; miadda ferhan

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 0-0

The current study including two parts : The first was determination antimicrobial effect of Proteus vulgaris on two type of pathogenic bacteria such as S.aureus and P. aeruginosa , the second was evaluate the effect of capsular polysaccharide antigen which extract from Proteus vulgaris to stimulate immune response in mice . CPS antigen from P. vulgaris was prepared, then series concetration of wild type of bathogenic bacteria and from CPS antigen were prepared depending on LD50 value which was;1×105 cfu /ml of wilde type and 1×108 cfu/ ml of CPS antigens ,these concentration injected in 0.1 ml intraperetonial in mice . Immune response in mice evaluated by using the following assay: ( phagocytosis , Arthus reaction , delayed hypersensitivity , T-rossate formation and plaque forming cells ) by use two concentration LD50 and 0.1 LD50 which was( 1×108 , 1×107) cfu/ ml in 0.1 ml from CPS antigens« to evaluate the best concentration in stimulate immune response» and bacterial suspention in 3 mice to each test in addition to control group injected by normal saline . The results of this study confirmed that , the P. vulgaris was effective in inhibiting the growth of investigated bacteria , with inhibition zone 28 mm for S.aureus and 23 mm for P.aeruginosa , also the result show that the CPS antigen in1×107 cfu/ ml concentration after 14 days from injection is the best efficient and gave highest mean in phagocytosis , delayed hypersansativity , T-rossate formation and, specific immunity in term of plaque forming cells and arthus reaction was significantly increase in 1×107 cfu/ ml .It is concluded that efficient immune response can be obtained by CPS from P. vulgaris .

Study some of the blood and biochemical aspects of children infected by the worm pinworm Enterobius vermicularis in the province of Najaf

haitham M.Humady; sahera aied

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 26-32

The current study is deisgned to investigate the effect of Enterobius vermicularis on some immunological , biochemical and hematological aspects in children the cellophane tape technique was used to detect the egg of this parasite. There is asignificant decrease in Hb ,PCV ,and ESR value in compared with controlled group , while there is an elevation in WBC , Neutrophile and Eosinophile and asignificant decreasing in lymphocyte with no effect on Basophile and Monocytes . the mean levele of GSH in patient andcontrol group were found (1.17 +/- 0.02 micromol /L ) and ( 2.49 +/-0.10 micromol / L) ; MDA ( 20.97 +/-2.0 micromol / L ) and ( 19.47+/-2.25 micromol / L ) respectively . the mean GSH level inpatient the mean MDA and NO levels were statistically significantly higher ( P <0.05) .
There is a lower value of cu , zn , mg and B12 vitamen in blood serum in children infected with pin worm in compare with controle group .
No significant defferences was noticed between male and female .

Effect of Ethyl Acetate extract of Eruca Sativaseeds plantin the reproductive system of males albino mice

hassan ali

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 33-40

The study was performed knowing the effect of effect of Ethyl acetate extract of seeds of (Eruca sativa) plant on the Fertility of male Albino mice . used swiss albino mice (Balb/c). and the males were divided to three groups and it was 10 animals to each group . the first group it’s the control. The second ,third groups Administrated with two of eruca sativa extract doses (o.25 and o.5 ml/kg) respectively three times/ week (day after day) for 6 weeks. The treatment with the extract of eruca sativa in the Normal Males Led to : A significant increase in the total body weight And a significant increase were happened in weight of reproductive organs (testis and epidydimus) for all Extract Concentrations. and the (0.5) ml/kg concentration was more Significant than the other concentration . significant increase in the total Sperms count, Asignificont increases in the number of (Spermatogonia , Spermatocytes, Spermatids, Spermatozoa).

Study the effect of environmental pollutants on the renal function and some physiological and immunological aspects of people in Wassit

eman abbas; abd alstar Mensor; sarab salman; adel hassan; nibal kaleil

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 41-50

This research aims to detect which one of the related immunological and hematological variables in the blood of human beings in exposed areas was statistically related with pollution, and if presents can we use this variable as a biomarker in the future. This research also aims to investigate the influence of pollutants on the production level of the selected blood parameters, and do they clearly record a big difference in level from the normal values, with regards of the other factors in the questionnaire and their correlations. The research is been divided to two stages of work. The first one includes the preparation of scientific equipments, kits and references. Also includes collection of blood samples from people who have lived near Al-Ahdab oil field area in Al-Kut, as well as controls. There was a questionnaire to be filled. The second stage of research included applying of serological and hematological tests. There was a significant elevation in the renal function (urea and creatinine) and hematological parameters (hemoglobin and packed cell volume) levels. While there was no significant increase in the CRP value in comparison with controls.

Test the effectiveness of toothpicks extract in the growth of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans And aureus Staphylococcus and the extent of its effect in vivo.

rasha shaker; Bassaad abd zaid; haider kamel

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 51-56

Been tested for effectiveness inhibitory extract a toothpick in the growth of bacteria (Streptococcus mutans and aureus Staphylococcus) where the extract showed a clear effect on the growth of bacteria (Strep mutans.), Where the focus Thbtha at 40%, while not affecting the bacteria (aureus .Staph). The results confirmed that the toothpick does not affect the treatment by animals also provided protection for the animals, by maintaining the physiological blood standards

Investigate the presence of a protein with properties Tlaznah about human red blood cells in the kiwi fruits extract

maha Abd alkadhum

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 57-66

Kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa) plant two single-sex housing Deciduous trees, is his native China , an oval fruit with maroon color and it has many medical benefits as a result they contain chemical compounds and metals of vital importance to the various functions of the body, Therefore, the current study was designed to investigate some of these compounds and study their properties. As a first step was to draw the juice from the fruit and make some chemical processes which included the removal of some components of the juice that hinder and affect the study of compounds and elements subject of the study. Has been set amount of total protein in the sample using the Bradford method, And the amount of protein that is calculated 325 micrograms per milliliter and one of juice. The study also included the investigation of a special type of protein sugary called , and the study usability on lectins with the red agglutinate blood cells stuck to a human blood sample method has been followed Lis agglutinate . The subsequent conduct several experiments to set the conditions optimum where study results showed that the best process clumping occurs when the lap of Ktinat extract the juice with a stuck red blood cells to the blood type B sample blood human being at a temperature of 30°C and the period of the bosom of a 45 minutes. .

Numerical Taxonomy study for species of Genus Trifolium L. in Iraq

Ahmad aubais

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 67-94

Numerical study of different taxonomic characters for species Trifolium L. genus in Iraq , this study is the first in Iraq .
The numbers of species and var. are 28 and the characters studies include morphological , anatomical , pollen grain , some of chemical characters and chromosomes number .

In this study selective 12 characters to draw polygonal graphs and 60 characters to know percent of similarity and draw the dendrogram for species which studies .
The results showed similarity and different between species in polygonal graphs , high similarity appeared between two varaity
T. stellatum var. adpressum and T. stellatum var. adpressum .
Similarity percent between species 72% to 38% , high percent found between two var. T. tomentosum var. tomentosum and
T. tomentosum var. glabrescens while low percent reported in species
T. subterraenum .
The dendrogram appeared variance in similarity percent between species, this result reported that species of genus Trifolium very heterogenous

study of Teicoplanin resistant among clinical Staphylococcus and Enterococcus isolated

mohammad tofeeq

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 95-98

The Gram positive cocci, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus are the bacteria most often asolate from patients with hospital acquired infection . s.aureus is one of the most important pathogens and variety of varulance mechanisms which help it to infect the patient and cause tissue damage , while Enterococcus lest virulent .forty five asolates Enterococcus spp and fifty isolate Staphylococcus were collected from clinical samples included blood,urine from different Baghdad hospitals. Result of revealed that the sensitivity of isolates to Teicoplanin was tested, and results showed that all the isolates to Staphylococcus spp was sensitive to Teicoplanin ,while (45) of isolate Enterococcus spp were (26.7%) resistant to Teicoplanin .results of DNA extraction from Teicoplanin resistant isolates, showed that (5) isolates have one plasmid band.

Anatomical study of the skin and sections Leaves and stems and roots under review and study the pollen of the genus   Reichardia Roth (compositae) Asteraceea

Amal Abd Al- redha; suhaila husain; Azhar Abd Al- Ameer

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 99-110

I headed the current study to look at most of the anatomical aspects of the types of sex deployed in Iraq. The following aspects have been addressed:
1. recipes skin Exchange.
2. recipes cross sections for the Blades leaves and stalks and pedicles
The anatomical characteristics, and not less important than the rest of the other taxonomic evidence and in particular phenotypic, as it may provide a distinctive qualities help in various mattresses taxonomic isolation and can help in the interpretation of many of the developmental and evolutionary relationships, has received the clan Alchukoria with great interest by many researchers and ate some studies anatomy of most plant parts for many of the races, especially the stems and leaves.

Diagnostic and Environmental study of mollusks in the Shatt al-Kufa / Euphrates River

Aliaa H. Mizhir; Widad H. Y. Al-Muhana; Zainab A. Mohammed

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2014, Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 111-121

Samples were collected twice monthly by six replicates. In September 2009 collect a specimens of 208 snails belonging to two species (Bellamya bengalensis, Melanopisi costata) and 32 specimens of oysters belonging to the four species (Corbicula fluminalis, Corbicula fluminea, Pseudodontapsis euphraticus, Unio trigridis) of Kufa River, In September 2013 collect 558 specimens of snails belonging to the six species as record the appearance of four new species in the river are (Lymnaea auricularia, Melanoides tuberculata, Melanopisi nodosa, Turritella sp.) And 321 specimens of oysters belonging to five types as record the emergence of new species (Dreissena polymorpha) in Kufa River. As some environmental factors of the river in two years of the study was measured because of their effect on appeared and disappeared of organisms, as observed rise in pH and dissolved oxygen in 2013 than it is in 2009, and reduced temperature of the water and the Biological oxygen Demand and salinity