Effect of PolysaccharideAntigens Extracted from Proteus mirabilis on immune response in mice

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 12-18

Department of Pathological analysis , College of Science, Kufa University Proteus mirabilis is a common pathogenic agent in respiratory and urinary tract infections. To evaluation of the effectiveness of polysaccharide antigen isolated from Proteus mirabilis on induce humeral & cell mediated immunity were isolated from urine, wounds,burns, ear, sputum and eye in( 28.8 , 23.7 , 22 , 18.6 , 5.1 , 1.7)% respiratory from patients referred to the consultants clinics in Al-Hakim general hospital in Najaf covernorate .Pm1isolate was selected in this study (which have stable antigenicity &typical biochemical characters) from polysaccharide antigen extraction.Mice immunized daily administration of( 50,100) µg/ml of (PmAg) intramuscular dose for 12 days.The ability of these antigens for immunization were determined by certain parameters included :toxicity,Arthus& delayed type hypersensitivity test (DTH) ,plaque forming cells assay. PsAg had no effect on peritoneal macrophages and lymphocyte viability at concentration (50 ,100) µg/ml .Averages of Arthus reaction & TH were significantly increased as compared with control group at (P<0.01) High significant differences have been noticed in the

Effect Smoking on the some blood parameters in the normal woman

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 18-20

This study was performed on (30) woman, (15) smoking woman and (15) non smoking woman . This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of smoking on some blood parameters .
Blood samples were obtained and estimated the hemoglobin concentration, red blood corpuscles count,packed cell volume, total leukocytes count and erthrocyte sedmintation rate .
The results of this study was revealed significant increase (p>0.01) in hemoglobin concentration, red blood corpuscles count, packed cell volume, total leukocytes count and erthrocytes sedimentation rate in smokers as a compared with non smokers .

The toxic effect of wheat cereale contaminated with Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus on the rsprodective system of white rats female

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 21-31

The study showing the toxic effects of contaminated wheats with both A.flavus and A.niger on the reproductive system of females of white rats after feeding with this cereals for 21 days and this study include doing another experiment by feeding groups of white rats on wheat contaminated with A.flavus and A.niger and then evaluate the effect of contaminated cereals depending on number of special criteria for females reproductive system and the result of this study provided the prescense of many toxic effects represnted by decline in the body cut spcially for rats that treated with A.niger wher the white drop to 136.66 gm on the other hand . For the rats treated with A.flavus showing drop in the body whight to 188 gm ,while in the control study the whight drop to 223 gm .also the result proved the presence of relative decline in the weight ovaries of white rats that treated with both fungi and this reach 9.1 and 11.5 mg respectively . also there is decrease in the number of primery and secondary ovarian follicles and graffian follicles ,in additions on ovarian diameter which reach 26 and 15.6Mm and both fungi lead to relative increase in whight uterus which reach to 202 mg and 175.6 mg espectivly and also it thickness and appearance state of infertility for animals that treated with A.flavus where the pregnancy not happen for time reach 3 months after coition with heathly males, while for animals that treated with A.niger the pregnancy happen after 2 months from coition with males wher the fetuses are few in number with little movment and weak building .

Effect of some plant extracts against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 37-43

The aim of this experiment was to detect the effect of active compounds which extracted by water from seeds of Rhus coraria , Brassica rapa . juice of Citrus limon and juice of Citrus limetta in growth inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia in vitro .
It was found from this study that the juice of C.limon has higher effective than the aqueous extrat of R.coraria in inhibition of bacterial growth while neither aqueous extract of B.rapa nor juice of C.limetta gave any inhibition effect on bacteria .
Also this study show the lowest value of MIC of Staph.aureus was obtained by juice of C.limon which was 3.12 mg/ml and MBC was 6.25 mg/ml , while the lowest value of MIC of Kle.pneumonia was obtained by aqueous extract of R.coriaria which was 6.25 mg/ml and MBC was 12.5 mg/ml. The mixture of juice of C.limon andaquous extract of R.coriaria gave antagonistic activity against Staph.aureus at (o.75 +0.50) and (0.75 +0.75 ) , and the same mixture gave antagonistic activity against Kle.pneumonia at (0.75 +0.75 ) .

The Integrated Control In Great Moth Wax Galleria mellonela L.( Lepidoptera:Pyrilida) On the stored comb wax

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 44-50

Precent study was carried out to evaluate the incidence of some oils extracts Nigella sativa ,Allium sativum ,Trigonella foenumgraecum used with insecticide Goldpride and the inoclum of fungus Buvaria bassania , the bacteria Bacillus circulence and Pseudomonas flourescense in larvaemortalitypercentageofgreatmoth wax The result showed that the best oil extract of rigonellafoenumgraecum and Allium sativum that mortality of larvae were 67.5% ,60.2% respectively they are giving the insecticide Goldprid .The less rate mortality is reached 59.8% also the best concentration 20and30% is reached rat mortality percentage of larvaed 84.5 % each one after 24 hour from treatment.
The result showed the best oil extract A.sativum,T. foenumgraecum in mortality of larvae great moth wax were reched rate mortality percentage 67.5% each one mortality increase with increasing of concentration .The best concentration 20,30% is reached rat mortality percentage 67.8 % , 86.6 % respectively after 48 hour from treatment . The study showed conclution mortality percentage of larvae great moth wax after was treated with oil extract and insecticide there were not significant wich reached mortality percentage conclution 69 %, 69 %, 64,6% , 66.8% of each A.sativum,T. material .This study showed the best extract fungi B. bassania in mortality percentage of larval great moth wax which was reached 55.4%,while reached rat mortality percentage of larval each of bacterial B. circulens and P. Fluorescence 8.9% and 38.9% respectively


Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 51-58

A total of 191 venous blood samples from dogs ( stray and houses) were examined for detection of leishmaniasis by tow serological tests (DIPSTICK and IFAT) to confirms their infection with the disease or non The total rate of infection that recorded was 6.6 %, lowest rate of infection 3.7 % reported in the centre of Baghdad and in the suburbs AL-Sewara 6.6 %, AL-Azezia 5 %, AL-Hafria 4.3 %, Naheat alwihda 4.7 %, Abugraib 0 %, AL-Mahmodia 0 %. In dogs there is no significant difference revealed between male and female, male was 4.3 %, female 3 %. The study showed a clear effect for the presence of the dogs in the spreading of the disease, where 81.2 % from patients families possess a dog compared with 11 % from the control group who possess dog. the sensitivity and specificity by IFAT test was 100 %, while, the sensitivity and specificity was 100 % when DIPSTICK was used.


Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 59-69

A total of 545 Serum samples were collected from children for this study, moreover, 30 serum samples from healthy children as a control group. Tow serological tests were carried on the samples to confirms their infection with the disease or non. The total rate of infection which recorded in this study was 30.2 %, lowest rate of infection 4.7 % reported in the centre of Baghdad and while in the suburbs AL-Sewara 43.4 %, AL-Azezia 40.4 %, AL-Hafria 26.3 %, Naheat alwihda 34.4 %, Abugraib13.6 %, AL-Mahmodia 20.8 %. There is no significant difference noticed between two sexes ( male and female ) the infected rate in male was 32.3%, while in female 28%
This study showed that a relation between infection rate and the age, the age of (1-2) years old showed highest infection rate were 36.8 % while the lowest rate of infection 16.6 % at age of (6-10) years old. Highest rate of infection of children was recorded in February 60.7 %, and lowest rate in July 6.3 %.
In concern to area on the spreading of the disease, it was noticed that 74.5 % and the infected were living in cultivated land compared with 25.4 % living in the city. The examination of 545 serum sample of children by IFAT revealed 165 positive results, while, the examination of the same samples by DIPSTICK showed 150 positive results. The sensitivity and specificity was 100 % with IFAT, while, the sensitivity test was 90.9 % and the specificity was 100 % when DIPSTICK was used.

The effects of hyperprolactinemia on level of sex hormones and fertility of women najaf governorate

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 79-85

The study was carried out in the fertility and sterility center in educational Sader hospital in Alnajaf alashraf city from period (1/7/2008 to 1/10/2008) in this study it take 25 sample from women that they suffer from higher in the prolactin hormone level ((hyperprolactinemia)) , the blood is pull from ladies veins before take any therapy or treatment from this unnatural state and then the following criterions is measurement : It was measured the prolactin hormone level and compretitive it with control group , it`s found there are an increase(p<0.05) in the level of this hormone compared with control group .It was measured the level of both LH and FSH hormones , it`s found also there are an decrease(p<0.05) in the level of these hormone in infected ladies compared with control group.
1- it was comparison different Age women infection with high prolactin with (FSH)&(LF) find that there decrease(p<0.05) in level(FSH) with progress ages
4-It take in this study a statistics from study samples and their number 25 sample to the number of pregnancy states before and after take a therapy , it`s obvious the percentage is 100% for ladies that infected with hyperprolactinemia don`t occur pregnancy state in the women during the study period compared with control group.

The effect of Acrylamide on the mitotic index of somatic cells in white mouse

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 101-104

Acrylamide is one of the carcinogenic materials which effect man and animals . The following biological parameters were studied in animals received either one or several injections (50,100) mg of Acrylamide of body weight during giving it once or more up on the mitotic index of the somatic cells of albino mice balb-c-strain . The results of the analysis showed that there was a high significant effect in (P<0.01) in the concentrations on the mitotic index of the somatic cells . The results says that mitotic index of somatic cells (bone marrow cells) becomes high because of the increase of concentration .

Histological study of the kidney of Seteppe buzzard ( Biteo b. vulpinus gloger)

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 117-123

The present research aimed to study the kidney of the Seteppe Buzzard , which had paired large and symmetrical rectangular kidneys , located in the synsacrum , extend to the lung interiorly with dark brown color . they composed of three portions ; cranial , middle and caudal . The results revealed that the kidney was enclosed by thin capsule , consist of smooth muscle fibers and fibrous tissue . The lobes of the kidney contain medulla and cortex , the quantity of the cortical tissue is more than the medullary tissue , The large area of the cortex surrounded the small islets of the medulla .The cortex and medulla do not constitute continuous internal and external layer . There are two types of nephron , the first is the cortical nephron which represented the large portion of the cortex that devoided from henles loop and limited by cortical zone from the kidney lobule , this nephron was similar to reptile nephron .While the second type ( medullary nephron) which contains the henles loop that penetrate the medullary zone and resemble to mammalian nephron.

Study for Karyotype analysis to wheat genotypes introduced Iraq Triticum aestivum L

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 124-133

Triticum aestivum L This research aimed to study of four genotype of wheat introduced to Iraq from CIMMYT and to determine their genetic stability using cytological.
Genotypes were grown in Petri dishes for cytological studies that included the number of chromosomes in the somatic cells at the root tip.

The cytological. Studies regarding the number of somatic chromosomes in the meristermatic cells of the root tip revealed that they were in genetic stability on the level of chromosomal number and in a state of Eupliod in all the investigated genotypes. This considered as an indicator and a proof of genetic stability of the studied genotypes.
The result showed that Karyotype analaysis red to existence of four genomes ( A, B ,and D) and the numder of chromosomes in each genome was seven .The total number of chromosomes for the studied genotypes was 2n=42=6x which indicated that the genotypes were bread wheat . But differences in the Long arm, Short arm. Relative length and Centro mere among four genotypes were obtained.


Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 134-138

The present study was planned to evaluate the antihelmintic efficacy of
Zingiber officinal Alcholic extract and piperazine citrate against Ascaridia galli nematodes in two different experiments (in vitro and in vivo) in Chicken.
Three group of naturally infected Chicken with A. galli were used by treating two group with different concentration of piprazine and alcoholic extract of ginger orally while the third group used as a control. Antihelmintic efficacy of each drug was determined by calculating mean egg/gm (EPG) of faces before and after treatment.
The 300 mg/Kg concentration of piprazine and 125 mg/Kg concentration of alcoholic extract of gingers extracted strong. Inhibitory activity of growing of A. galli with significant decrease in EPG comparing with the control.
The time required for paralyses and death of worm (In Vivo ) was recorded using the concentration above for both drugs.
The experiment showed (In Vitro) anthelmintic activity against A. galli. Efficacy was concentration dependences began with paralysis and ended with death of worm.

Parasitic cestodes in digestive tract of pigeons in Najaf

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 139-143

During the period from Octoder 2008 till January 2009, a total of 150 pigeons were collected from Al-Najaf governorate, these pigeons included Coulumba livia, C. domestica and Streptopelia decaocio. Upon dissecting these pigeons, they were found to be infected with three species of cestodes Aporina delafondi ‚Riallietina microcantha, and Coutugonia cuneata. C. livia was infected with the greatest number of helminthes species (three species). The highest intensity of infection (45 specimens of the cestode R. microcantha) was reported from C. livia also.

Effect of leaves Eucalyptus Aqueous extract on growth of Coccidioides immitis Rixford & Gilchrist that causing pulmonary infections

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 143-147

This research was conducted to study the effect of water extract of leaves Eucalyptus on growth of Coccidioides immitis that causing of pulmonary infections. Results showed that water extract of leaves had an inhibitory effect on the radial growth and rate of dry weight of mycelium of the fungus ,and this extract reduced the rate of converted arthrospores to spherule

Study of toxic effects of Aspergillus flavus on some biological parameters of females of white rat and biol9ogical control possibility to control of these effects

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 147-155

This study is conducted in th3e laboratories of the department of biol9ogy college of science which involve study of toxic effects of two isolates frome Aspergillus flavus one toxic isolate and one their non-toxogenic on some biochemical parameters of females of white rat. As well as to evolution of effiencey of Bioformulation of bacteria Bacillus subtilis to protect of animal feed.The result show that the machida and saito method (1999) was effienecty to determinal the toxogenic and non toxogenic isolate of Aspergillus flavus.
This study proved biocid ( Bacillus subtilis ) gave 100% inhibition effect against the growth of Aspergillus flavus isolates at (1 gm/L) concentration of bio acide.As well as the LH and FSH reducsd to (4.1 and 4.8 ) ng / ml in blood of rates which its feed on contaminationted food with toxogenic isolate. While it were (9.3 and 9 ) ng/ml for the feed contamined with non toxogenic isolate. The ALT and AST increased to reached 22.3 and 14.4/ul companed with control treatment were (8.3 and 8.2 ) ul respectively.Bio acid was addition to feed case increased the LH and FSH in blood serum of rates to ( 9.8 and 9.5 ) ng /l while the ALT and AST reduced to (15.1 and 11 ) ul respecting

The effects of the long- term use of Depot- medroxyprogesteron acetate on lipid metabolism in albino rates

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 156-163

This research designed to study the effects of the long –term use of the injectable hormonal contraceptive (Depot- medroxyprogesterone acetate DMPA) on the total cholesterol concentration and on lipid lipoprotein in the blood of Albino rats. Randomly 6 adult female rats were divided to two groups (3 animals for each group). The first group (control) were injected with (0.1ml) of normal saline every 14 days for 4 month, the second group (DMPA group) were injected with (0.5 mg/0.1ml) of DMPA every 14 days for 4 months.
The results showed a disturbance state in blood lipid in the second group characterized with increase in total cholesterol (TC) and significant increase in concentration in low

Histological and pathological changes in ovary and oviducts of hens newimshair treated with different doses of sodium fluoride.

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 163-170

This present study carried out in the animal house/laboratory which belong to Biology department in College of education girls/Kufa university ,the present study included assessment changes occurs from two doses of sodium fluoride injected in Newimshair hens bodies for (30)days to estimate the effect of sodium fluoride in tissues of female reproductive system ,The present study revealed:
1-Signifhcant increase (p<0.05)in diameters of primary and secondary follicles while significant decrease(p<0.05)in diameters of mature follicles at dose of sodium fluoride (15)milligram/kilogram.
2-Significant increase (p<0.05)in mean diameters of graffian follicales at doses (10,15)milligram/kilogram of body weight,which estimated(139.5±5.2,125±1.46)micrometer at respectively when compared with control group.
3-The treatment with sodium fluoride lead to significant increase (p<0.05)in the villi of oviduct diameters at dose(10,15)milligram/kilogram of body weight. significant decrease occurred (p<0.05)in the musculature thickness of the oviduct at dose(15)milligram/kilogram of body weight ,which estimated (241±3.11)micrometer when compared with control group and first treatment (424±5.36)micrometer.
4-According to histological changes,the treated with sodium fluoride especially in second dose (15)mg/kg b.w caused alteration in the shape of mature ovarian follicales,and oocyte distortion with hyperplasia in theca externa elements.
Also the treatment with sodium fluoride caused sloughing in epithelial cells that lined magnum villi ,as well as hyperplasia occurred in the columnar epithelial cells and connective tissue elements of the villus core.

Effect of Leaf Pinaes Chemical Composition of Different Date Palm Cultivar on Infection by Whit Scale Insect Parlatoria blanchardii Targ. (Homoptera: Coccinea : Diaspidae)

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 171-181

A study was conducted during 2006-2007 season to find the effect of leaf pinaes chemical composition of five date Palm cultivars( Barhu, Hillawi, Khadrawi, and Sayer) on the infection Parlatoria blanchardii Targ. Cultivars content of chlorophyll, carotene, kitine, wax, and phenolic compounds were calculated and the spread of that insect was studied at five locations in Basrah province which were: Abualkhasib, Shat Alarab, Fayhaa, Garmat Ali, and, Hartha.
Results indicated that the highest percent and severity of infection at 2007 season was 23.25% and 3.61 insect/cm2, respectively, compared with 2006 season where, the percent and severity of infection was low which was 21.21% and 2.82 insect/cm2, respectively. Khadrawi cultivar had the lowest percent and severity of infection 10.67% and, 1.88 insect/cm2, respectively, whereas Hillawi cultivar had the highest percent and severity of infection 28.14% and 4.77 insect/cm2, respectively. A negative correlation were found between severity of infection by the insect and leaf content of chlorophyll, kitin, wax, and phenolic compounds which were(r=-0.914, -0.979, -0.986, -0.931), respectively. The severity of infection did not affected by leaf content of caroten. Percent and severity of infection was lower at Hartha region 12.23% and 1.45 insect/cm2, respectively, where, Abualkhasib had the highest infection it was 33.54% and 5.25 insect/cm2, respectively.

Study infected of Ancylostoma duodenal on rate of Hb in AL-Doulab village Babel governorate

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 181-185

80 persons teast to investigation about Ancylostoma duodenal infection in AL-Doulab village Babel governorate From period 162007 until 122008 the result showed significant decrease (P>0.05) in hemoglobin concentration(in infected person . the ratio of hemoglobin decreased along with increased of infection period and retrograde with age .

Study toxic effect of two solates of Aspergillus flavus produce and non produce Aflatoxin in nsetels

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 186-194

The study include assessing efficient of the bioextract of the B. subtillis of the protection of the nestling from the toxic effect of aflatoxine that produced by A. flavus
And the result showed the ability of the bioextract of B. subitillis on the radical growth inhibition of A. flavus that produce and non-produce aflatoxine ,on the culture media P.D.A. (Ratio of inhibition was 100%) when it used at concentration 2gmL and the result showed the safety of the small intestine tissue and liver from any damage , in compare with control treatment by which the nestling feed on a blackberry that non treated by the bioextract of this bacteria .
and the positive effect refluxed on the nestling growth by increase weight normally to be approximately 505gm through 3 weeks from hatching ,without signification differences from the control treatment which was 531 gm in the same time , while ,the rate of the nestling weight that treated by blackberry that infected by the toxogenic fungi was 382,5 gm in the same time .
this resultant from the infected of the intestine and the liver of the nestling in the last treated ,by disease syndromes . Histological study of the liver and small intestine sections appear aggregation of inflammatory cells with presence of vascular conduction in the liver cells. And lyses of the epithelial layer of the small intestine and skim off some of the microvillus of the small intestine .

The Accumulated Effect of Regular Basrah Crude Oil on Gold Fish Carassius auratus L.

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 195-203

The study was carried out on gold fish Carassius auratus to determine the bioaccumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons in different tissues ( livers , gills and muscles ) exposed to sub lethal effects . Experiments were conducts in out-doors basin size (2x1x1) m3 and filled with fresh water containing (1200) letter. One of three concentrations of Basrah crude oil (1.2 , 2.4 ,3.6) letter was added to each basin besides control while three of the remaining basins were used for restoring process. Bioaccumulation for petroleum hydrocarbons were determined for livers, gills and muscles of fish exposed in three concentrations used besides control after exposure period of (12,4) days during winter and summer seasons respectively using spectroflourometer . Fat were determined in different tissues for winter and summer period . Livers and gills tissues were shown the highest values of accumulation for petroleum hydrocarbons, while muscles tissues recorded the lowest value . The results shown that the bioaccumulation values in summer seasons were higher than winter . Restoring processes shown a sharp decline of petroleum hydrocarbons in the levels of bioaccumulation in different tissues of fish exposed after transferred to clean water for (7) days compared with those exposed directly . .

(28)Study of Environmental of Some Soil Samples from Kufa in Najaf city, Iraq

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 204-210

The parameters of environmental in some selected samples from Kufa in Najaf city was determined and discussed. Five soil samples were collected from:
1- Housing grouped for kufa cement factory
2- Kufa river bottom
3- Kufa bridge closeness (Kufa Environment office)
4- Kenda
- 5- Gazwyniha
We implemented a laboratory apparatus based on a NaI (Tl) γ-ray spectrometer, where connect the scintillation detector with multichannel analyzer.Results showed the presence of natural radionuclide Ra226 in soil samples. In order to evaluate the radiological hazard of the natural radioactivity, mean resulted Dose has been calculated. Chemical analysis for concentration of NO2-1, NO3-1 and PO4-3 the range of values (0.701-2.246),(2.55-13.236),(0.00-0.003)ppm respectively, also carried out along with the measurement of electrical conductivity and pH of the soils samples; the values range (272-9360) µScm-1 and (7.51-8.11), respectively.

(29) Ancylostoma doudenale larva dermal and pulmonar infestation in patient farmers .

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 211-215

During the period from November 2005 to July 2006, 412 stool samples were examined from villagers whom engaged in the cultivation of lettuce crop. They were visitors to the dermatology and chest departments in Hilla hospital complaining of dermatitis, and 39 sputum samples also collected from the same model of lettuce farmers.
The total percentage of infection among the total farmers harvesting lettuce is 63.23%, 55.90% is the overall percentage of those suffering from skin manifestation due to the A.duodenale parasitic infection. While the total percentage of other infected farmers infected are not engaged in the same plant is 8.44%, 7.69% of them suffer from skin manifestation of the disease. The total percentage of patients without dermatitis was 5.55%. Sputum tests showed that the parasite larvae mentioned still infest a lot, especially rural people with overall incidence about 17.94% with A.duodenale and chest problems It considered as the main cause of the dermatitis and chest infections to those visiting these centers with misleading diagnosis.

(30) Isolation and identification of bacteria from cholecystitis gallbladder

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 216-218

Fourty patients were included in this study all diagnosed clinically cholecystitis and cholecystitis with stone . Bile fluid and pieces of gallbladder were collected from the operating theater then cultured , growth of pathogenic bacteria were identified by standard bacteriologicale testes . Escherichia coil represent the most common pathogene (75%) in cholecystitis,(79%) in cholecystitis with stone while β-heaolytic streptococci(12.5%) in cholecystitis, (8.3%) in cholecystitis with stone , Klebsiella spp. (6.25%) in cholecystitis ,(12.5%) in cholecystitis with stone ,Proteus spp. were isolats from cholecystits pationts(6.25%).

(31) Determine SIgA in some clinical samples by passive haemagglutination

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 219-223

Immunoglobulins were isolated from tonsillar tissue ,appendix ,cerebrospinal fluid ,and vaginal secretion from different patients by polyethylene glycol 6% . Anti SIgA was prepared by injection the rabbit with standared SIgA and adjuvant ( sun flower oil) .Detection of SIgA in isolating immunoglobulins by passive haemagglutination . We found that higher titers with appendix ,vaginal secretion and low titers with tonsillar tissue and cerebrospinal fluid .

(32)Histopathological Effects Of Black Molly Fish Poecilia latipinna Exposed By Trifluralin.

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 223-230

Sublethal concentrations of herbicide trifluralin were investigated with black molly fish Poecilia latipinna. Fish were exposed to ( 0.09,0.18,0.28 trifluralin m/L) for 30 days toxicity test. Trifluralin caused many histopathological effects in gill, liver and kidney. Gill disorders include hypertrophy of chloride cells, hyperplasia, lifting of epithelial cells and fusion of secondary lamellae. Liver suffered from herbicide as swelling of hepatocytes, infiltration of leukocytes, necrosis and fibrosis. Kidney also affected by trifluralin,Degeneration, hypertrophied cells and narrowing of the tubular lumen, shrinkage of the glomerulus, hyperplasia, hyalinization, Atrophied of tubular cells with Oedema.

(33)First record of Coliphage in Al-Qadisyia province water and using it as biomonitors of pollution

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 231-236

Water pollution represent a certain challenge in the world , This work was carried from the period between March and April 2009 in attempt for screening one of the biological indicators which is a group of bacteriophages called coliphage. Obtained results showed that Al-Diwanyia river water contained about 78±34 pfu/ml at the point of entering the city , while water samples which were collected from the center of the city contained a higher levels of coliphage about 234±56 pfu/ml , but the highest levels of the phages 1023±78 pfu/ml were documented at the last part of the river in the south of the city where the river leave the city .The laboratory investigation of coliphages ability to cause lyses to the bacteria explained that phage replication is correlated with the bacterial growth and increase with time, the complete lyses was recorded at about 8 hours. Study also included determination of soluble O2 , electric conductivity., biological oxygen demand 5, turbidity, temperature, and pH levels. Result explain that virological indicators could be a useful in biomonitoring of water quality.

(34)Histopathological study of black molly Poecilia latipinna exposed to Diazinon

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 237-248

Black molly fishes exposed to (0.006, 0.012, 0.018 mg/l) concentrations of diazinon for 45 days. Liver, kidney and gills were examined for histopathological study after exposed periods. Swelling of hepatocytes, necrosis, arteriosclerosis, hyalinization, and Cirrhosis were observed in the liver tissue. Tissue in kidney suffered from degeneration and vaculation, hyperplasia in tubules, hyalinization of haemopoietic tissue, lifting of epithelial tissues, and atrophy of collecting tubules. Hypertrophy and hyperplasia of epithelial cells, fusion of secondary lamellae and oedema were found in exposed gills.