Dexamethasone abuse for weight gain in Al- Najaf District/ Iraq

Bushra Abdul Raheem Farhan

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 38-42

The objective of this study is to recognize the prevalence and attitude for abusing Dexamethasone DX tablets for weight gain in Najaf, Iraq. Three hundred and twenty patients were included in the questionnaire; 202 were excluded who had asthma, allergic diseases, and rheumatoid arithritis, and 118 (36.9%) were abusing DX for weight gain. DX abuser percentage 91 (77%) was in the age range 16 -25 for both males and females, while 27 (23%) was in the age range 26 – 35; female represent 69 (58.5% ) of the DX abusers in comparison to male 49 ( 41.5%), which was significant on the level P < 0.05. The highest percentage of DX abusers 40.678% was in the 21-25 age range for both males and females, while the lowest percentage 4.237% was in the 31-35 year age range. Eighty two ( 69.492% ) got the drug without prescription from pharmacies or drug venders, and were advised by friends or their families to use DX for weight gain. Seventy six (64.407%) ceased DX intake after reaching the desired weight where the mean duration of DX use was years, 43 (56.6%) of them returned to drug intake after the stopping period of months. Thirty (25.4%) of the abusers have some knowledge about some DX side effects.