Investigation of some virulence factors of P. aeruginosa bacteria isolated from different sources in a hospital Afak in Iraq.

Ali Abd Raheam Alnashi; Zainab Abd Alkaream

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 306-315

Samples were collected study of hospital Afak General , taken from sources of environmental and clinical for the period from the first of November 2012 until the end of April 2013 and by 400 clinical specimens and environmental, the number of samples that gave growth Positive (236) sample and (164) sample gave a negative growth .
The number of isolates total bacteria P. aeruginosa in this study (30) isolation rate of (12.7%) of the total number of samples, the number of isolates environmental (25) isolates were distributed among (3) isolation was sourced lobbies premature infants, (11) isolation source lobbies entry of patients, (4) isolation sourced cuisine, (6) isolation sourced Eat surgical operations, (1) isolation sourced hands and clothes, workers and the number of isolates of clinical (5) were distributed among (2) isolated from wounds and (3) the isolation of burns .
Tested the sensitivity of all isolates of P. aeruginosa direction of 13 antibiotic by reference to the way the spread of disks; as it gave the highest resistance (90%) of the anti Tobramycin, (80%) of the anti Cefotaxime, (73%) of the anti Titracycline, (63%) of the anti Naldixic acid, (60%) of the anti Trimethoprim, (50%) of amadada piperacilin and Aztronam, (40%) of the anti Ticarcillin and Nitrofurntine and (33%) of the anti Impenem and Ciprofloxacin resistance was the lowest rate (23%) of the anti Gentamycin .
Was to investigate the ability of some bacteria P.aeruginosa Virulence factor where he found that all isolates have the ability full (100%) on the production of enzymes haemolysin , protease and gelatinase and have the ability to produce Slime layer by (33.33%) .