Evaluation the interplay of T-helper 22 and T-helper17 in patients with breast cancer

Dina M.R. Alkhaf; Raghda S. M. AlOmari; Ziad M. Alkhozai

Magazine of Al-Kufa University for Biology, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 273-283

The interplay between Th-17 and Th-22 cells plays vital role in tumor immunity . Therefore, this study aimed to focus on these cells in patients with breast cancer. The results of this study showed that there were a highly significant increment in concentrations of IL-17A(139.5±17pg/ml) compared with control group which was (41.33±11.3pg/ml) and showed results were a highly significant elevation in concentration of IL-23P19 (192.73±22.3pg/ml) while control group was (121.41±14.7pg/ml). Also The results showed a highly significant increment in concentration of IL-22 (137.25±24.6pg/ml) compared to control group which was (77.67±13.7pg/ml) and also in TNF-α concentration was (200±23.7pg/ml) compared with control group which was (10.5±7.3pg/ml). Molecular findings recorded a significant elevation in the levels of AP-1 gene expression were Fos 18.76±7.8 in patients group and 9.05±1.12 control group, also the values of JunD gene 15.77±9.43 and 6.18±0.112, and lastly JunB 23.223±11.34 in comparison to control group7.33±3.76.Overall findings revealed considerable inflammatory response by Th-17 and Th-22 and remarkable AP-1 gene expression.