Keywords = Reservoir operation
Number of Articles: 6


Analysis of Mosul and Haditha Dam Flow Data

Journal of Engineering
Volume 20, Issue 5, Spring 2014, Page 61-75
Ahmaed Mohammed Ali; Maryam Naeem Odaa


Analysis of Recorded Inflow Data of Ataturk Reservoir

Journal of Engineering
Volume 22, Issue 3, Winter 2016, Page 89-110
Ahmed Mohammed Ali; Zienh Sami Saaed


Appropriate Operating Policy for a Reservoir System Based on Inflow States (Mosul Reservoir as a Case Study)

Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ)
Volume 26, Issue 2, Autumn 2021, Page 259-266
Ziyad Taher Ali Al-Dabbagh; Kamel Ali Almohseen


Planning and Decision Making Under Uncertainty (Mosul Reservoir Optimal Operating Policy- Case Study)

Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ)
Volume 25, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Page 85-96
Mohammed Awni Khattab; Kamel A. Al-Mohseen


Simulation of Mosul Dam Reservoir Operation for Irrigation and Hydropower Generation

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 37, 1C, Spring 2019, Page 64-69
Baraa Jebbo; Taymoor A. Awchi


Surrogate Worth Trade - Off (SWT) Method and the Decision-Making Process in Water Resources Planning and Management

Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ)
Volume 25, Issue 2, Autumn 2020, Page 118-126
Mohammed Awni Khattab; Kamel Ali Almohseen